Upgrade Your Home with Onyx Tiles

Update Your Home With Onyx Tiles

If you’re keen on home decor, you’ve probably tried your hand at several different trends over the years. Perhaps you’ve experimented with different lighting, updated your living room with a colourful accent wall, or even been inspired by Changing Rooms to add plush carpets and velvet drapes to a run-of-the-mill bedroom? But chances are, you might not have considered the benefits of onyx tiles — and how these simple products can transform any room in a few easy steps.

If you’re struggling with home decor ideas, you might want to consider black onyx Italian tiles for your bathroom, living room, or kitchen — in fact, any space that would benefit from a beautiful, practical surface that’s frost-resistant, durable, and affordable.

Black Onyx Italian Tile

Introducing the Onyx Tile

So what is an onyx tile? Technically speaking, onyx is a naturally occurring stone — a variant of the quartz and morganite blend known as chalcedony. With its distinctive marbled appearance, it has an eye-catching quality and comes in multiple hues and shades. But although it’s beautiful, it’s not practical for everyday use. Aside from being prohibitively expensive, it’s prone to cracking and shattering, and easily picks up scratches and stains.

So what do you do if you want the look of onyx but without the downsides? Enter the onyx porcelain tile. Made from durable, high-quality porcelain, these tiles perfectly recreate the luxurious appearance of real onyx, while remaining practical, affordable, and easy to install.

Unlike real onyx, onyx-effect porcelain tiles do not require any special treatments or sealants and can be cut and fitted in the same way as regular porcelain tiles. So if you want your kitchen or bathroom to look like a million bucks — without spending it — these clever bits of decor are an excellent choice. Onyx effect tiles, with their unique veining and translucent properties, can add a touch of luxury and sophistication to a modern bedroom design. Their natural patterns bring a distinctive character to the room, complementing various design elements. Particularly, when paired with a sleek, black bed with storage, onyx effect porcelain tile can create a harmonious balance between opulence and functionality. This combination ensures that the bedroom is not only a comfortable space but also a visually striking one. The subtle, natural glow of onyx tile can further enhance the ambiance, especially when paired with strategic lighting, making it a perfect choice for those seeking a modern yet elegant bedroom.

Bathroom Decor Ideas

Who hasn’t gazed at the extravagant bathroom of a luxury hotel and wished that they could recreate a similar sense of glamour at home? If this is you, then Onyx Tile is your friend. With their lustrous appearance, choice of warm or cool hues, and high-end finish, they’re ideal for transforming a standard bathroom into a spa-like haven for minimal cost.

And there are so many different shades available, that it’s easy to fit onyx bathroom tiles into your colour scheme. Want to indulge your inner mermaid with wall and ceiling decor that echoes the feeling of being deep below the sea? Blue onyx tiles are a great way to elevate any bathroom to the next level.

Or perhaps you’re after that sleek, minimalist look beloved by health clubs and plush hotels around the world? White or grey onyx will make you feel like you’re living the high life every time you hop into the shower or slide into a relaxing bath.

Kitchen Decor Ideas

Of course, onyx tiles aren’t just for the bathroom — they’re great for remodeling any room in the home. And they’re becoming an increasingly popular choice for kitchen decor as well. While their durable, stain-resistant nature makes them a sensible choice for the room that serves as the heart of your home, their marble-like appearance suits those who don’t want to sacrifice good looks for practicality.

Want to fill your kitchen with warm, welcoming tones? Rose onyx porcelain tile can help to create a cozy, comforting environment that’s sure to draw loads of compliments from visitors to your home. Or perhaps you’re the sort of person to fill your kitchen with plant life of every description? If so, green onyx tiles will help bring the outside in, making you the envy of your green-fingered friends. You can choose onyx tile for the countertop, the walls, the floor — or a combination of all three.

Inspiring Home Decor Ideas

While most people choose onyx tiles for their bathroom or kitchen, you can also use them to add a touch of glamour to living rooms, dining rooms, and conservatories the only limit is your imagination.

Why not set off a contemporary seating area against a backdrop of deep amber onyx tiles? Or welcome people into your home via an updated hallway laid with cool beige onyx tiles? Because they’re highly resistant to cracks, they’re ideal for areas that receive a lot of footfall throughout the day.

Onyx Tiles Outdoors

You might be surprised to learn that the onyx porcelain tile is ideal for outdoor spaces, too. Because they’re fired at high temperatures, they’re tough enough to withstand all kinds of weather, and their low water absorption rate means that they can survive even the dreariest British winter. And on top of that, they’re slip-resistant too — which means that you won’t go flying into the rose bushes any time there’s an unexpected shower.

With standard granite paving, you’re generally limited to a few standard, grey designs. But with onyx, you’ve got a whole spectrum of colours and patterns at your disposal. So if you’re the sort of person who likes to eschew tradition and let your creativity run riot, this could be an excellent choice.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q- 1 How do onyx tiles compare to other types of tiles in terms of durability and maintenance requirements?

Ans- Onyx tiles are known for their unique beauty but are generally less durable compared to other types of tiles like ceramic, porcelain, or granite. Onyx is a soft and delicate stone, making it more prone to scratching, chipping, and etching. They require gentle care and maintenance to preserve their appearance.

Q- 2 Are there any specific installation techniques or considerations when using onyx tiles, especially in areas prone to moisture or heavy foot traffic?

Ans- When installing onyx tiles, it’s crucial to use a high-quality adhesive suitable for natural stones to ensure proper bonding. In moisture-prone areas like bathrooms or kitchens, proper sealing is essential to protect the onyx from water damage. Additionally, in heavy foot traffic areas, consider using thicker onyx tiles or providing extra support to prevent cracking or breakage.

Q-3 Can onyx tiles be customized or ordered in specific shapes, sizes, or finishes to suit individual design preferences or project requirements?

Ans- Yes, onyx tiles can be customized or ordered in various shapes, sizes, and finishes to meet specific design preferences or project requirements. This flexibility allows for creative installations and bespoke designs tailored to the client’s needs.

Q-4 Can onyx tiles be used in outdoor settings, such as patios or garden pathways?

Ans- Onyx tiles can indeed be used in outdoor settings like patios or garden pathways, providing a luxurious and elegant aesthetic. They possess the necessary qualities to withstand outdoor conditions while offering a stylish look. However, it’s essential to note that outdoor onyx porcelain tiles are specifically designed for such environments and may differ from traditional indoor onyx tiles in terms of durability and resistance. Before installation, it’s advisable to ensure that the chosen tiles are suitable for outdoor use to maintain their longevity and appearance over time.

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