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Covid19 Update- From Directors

Delivering samples might take longer than usual.
Delivery of Full Packs are on time. (Standard Delivery 3-7 working days, Express Delivery 2-5 working days.)
Sample delivery- 3-7 working days
Delivery of all Split/smaller packs might take a bit longer in some cases.
Orders can be placed online directly and online on chat function in case you have any difficulties.

Delivery Update: If you have any queries regarding your delivery date or want to chase your delivery please send us an email or leave us a message on chat with your email id and delivery postcode. We will get back to you asap. We wont be able to help you with delivery update on the phone.

Our website is open with support during working hours.
Live Chat, Facebook chat & Phone lines are open. 
All online orders are being fulfilled as of now.
Deliveries are functional and all our delivery partners are taking suitable precautionary measures.

If due to some uncontrollable reason the haulage is stopped all pending orders will be delayed or cancelled.
Our showrooms and retail counters are closed as a precautionary measure to fight covid19.

We all have to stand together to overcome these tough times and do our bit.